How to manually add UA Tracking code




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    John Antonacci

    Followed this,but the ua code is not appearing when I view page source.

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    Brandon Sun

    Hi John,

    Thanks for reaching out, I'd be happy to help clarify here!

    For our plugin, we load the Google Analytic script differently (to avoid caching issues) so it won’t show when you view source. To determine if the script is properly implemented please do the following:

    If you signed it with google and selected your website (or manually added the property ID) the Google Analytics javascript will be added to all pages. To check what UA code it is adding, just open any page of your website in Chrome, right click to select Inspect, navigate to Network tab, reload the page and search for googleanalytics, you will see the google code with your UA ID. See example here.

    Please let us know if you have any other questions!

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    Greg Markovich

    Hi is there a way to add additional Tracking ID?

    Our website is SEO'd by third party company who set their own tracking ID. However, we would like to have control over the analytics as well without limiting their access. Therefore we are looking for a way to add an additional ID. 

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